LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Raise the debt ceiling like Congress does

Published 3:31 pm Wednesday, October 6, 2021

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Congress under the last administration voted to raise the debt ceiling three times. Congress has always voted to raise it. Because that is what Congress does.

Never has the U.S. defaulted on our debt. Yet in the Senate now, half of the elected leaders (who represent a minority of the population, by the way), say they will not raise the debt limit.

Do we need to remind everyone that raising the limit is to pay for what the Congress has already committed to in the past?

And do we need to remind everyone again that both parties in the Senate voted three times to raise the debt, including $7.8 trillion under the last administration? Those dollars were given to the wealthiest among us as huge tax breaks.

Does anyone see the hypocrisy here?

If you care about sharing the wealth of this country with the working people, the middle and lower classes, as I do, then call Burr and Tillis to tell them you want them to vote to raise the debt ceiling.

If you care about avoiding chaos in our economy for all of us, according to our financial experts, then call them today.

Burr – 202-224-3154
Tillis – 202-224-6342

Ron Bryant