Published 9:35 am Wednesday, October 13, 2021

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I opened Facebook the other day and saw a post about homecoming from a former colleague at East Davidson.

The memories began to flood back of all the homecomings over the years: the dressing up, the overly-excited students, the pep rally and, of course, the pizza sale.

Doug Creamer writes a religion column for the SNAP.

What a full day, and then there was the football game that night. Some of the pictures she posted were inside the halls that I walked for many years. The memories!

Ironically, my alma mater had a posting about homecoming: the Kempsville Chiefs from Virginia Beach.

I started to hear more about Kempsville High School because I joined their reunion page. The committee was planning the 40th class reunion.

I can’t believe I graduated 40 years ago. I decided not to go the reunion. Some of my high school friends decided we would get together once the pandemic quiets down.

My memories were stirred even further by an email from a reader in High Point. The reader wanted to touch base with me and the name was so familiar. I placed the call, and after a few pleasantries I asked if he attended Grace Church in High Point, my former church from 20-plus years ago.

He was indeed a member of that church. We shared our stories since last we had seen each other. Since he still lived in the area, he knew what had happened to most of the people I knew from my days there.

Sadly or happily, depending how you look at the situation, many of them were home with the Lord. The former pastor and his wife, Art and Claudia Carlson, have both passed.

Some of the members are still alive and serving the Lord.

The conversation turned to some of the children that I taught in children’s church or in the youth group. Many of them are parents themselves now and still actively serving the Lord. There are a couple of those kids that I follow on Facebook.

I actually follow a few of my former students on Facebook. It is so interesting to see what my past students are doing. I have run into a few students through the years, and it is so fun to hear what they are up to now.

One proud mother told me that her son was playing football at her alma mater. I got to see one former student watch her son graduate from her alma mater, a memory I will treasure the rest of my life.

When memories are good, it’s good to reflect on them, to remember the good times in our lives. Whether it is friends, experiences or special moments, good memories can help us when life challenges us with difficult moments. Memories can warm the heart. They can be a source of encouragement and strength.

I believe that God wants us to remember our experiences with Him from the past because they become our testimonies. Our testimonies can be a great source of encouragement as we face today’s challenges.

If we remember how the Lord came through for us in the past, then we can be assured that He will come through for us now.

Our testimonies are also important for others. When someone is going through what you have been through, they can see how God came through for you. It can encourage and strengthen their spirit so they can press on. The truth is God wants to use your testimony to help others endure and know that they are not alone. The enemy keeps telling you no one has ever been through what you are going through…you are all alone.

The truth is God is on our side. We are never alone.

That’s why God sends us people with testimonies of His goodness. He wants us to know that He worked things out in the past for them, so He will certainly do it again for us. He may do it a little differently this time because He is a creative God, but He will come through for us.

I want to encourage you to stir up your memories of how God worked in the past. Allow them to encourage you and others.

A walk down memory lane can really help someone who is discouraged. While sharing a laugh can often help lighten a load, your testimony can be the wind beneath someone’s wings.

God is good and He always comes through for us. No matter how dark the skies look at the moment, know that the Son will break through for you.

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