DOUG CREAMER COLUMN: Thanks for Thanksgiving

Published 4:31 pm Monday, November 22, 2021

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I went for a walk on a recent Sunday afternoon and saw some neighbors decorating the outside of their house for Christmas. I also saw some Christmas trees through some people’s windows. But wait, it’s only the middle of November, right? Are we just going to skip Thanksgiving?

Doug Creamer writes a religion column for the SNAP.

I guess I’d better be careful. I was looking at the forecast and thinking it might be nice to do some of my outside decorating while the weather is warmer. With Thanksgiving coming up, I try to have the outside of my house all lit up for Christmas by Thanksgiving weekend.

The last couple of years I have combined cleaning the gutters with hanging the icicle lights. Once I get that done, there are only a few more things to do to complete the job. I promise that if I do put my Christmas decorations out before Thanksgiving, I won’t light them up early.

My wife and I noticed that on Nov. 1 the advertisers were full-on Christmas. They are showing all these snowy scenes; don’t they know it doesn’t snow in the South this early? It doesn’t matter if you are ready or not, the holiday season is here.

Before we go rushing past Thanksgiving, let’s stop and enjoy it. We can all start by watching the Thanksgiving Day parade. Last year it was a modified version; I am hoping we are back to a full-fledged Thanksgiving Day parade.

The next thing that comes to my mind is all the delicious food. I can smell the turkey and dressing just thinking about it. Last year my wife and I made our first Thanksgiving dinner at home. We made several of our favorite sides and had a nice quiet Thanksgiving here at home.

Whatever your plans are, I hope you get to enjoy a great meal surrounded by the ones you love. What I want to encourage you to do is sometime before, during or after the big meal, take a few quiet moments to reflect on the many things in your life for which you are thankful.

You can always begin with the basics. Thank Him for all the wonderful food that you will consume. There are many people who do not have such a wonderful feast to enjoy.

The next basic thing that comes to mind could be your good health. I know of many people who are suffering in many ways physically. You may find yourself in that boat, but consider again that maybe your eyes, ears, nose, fingers or toes are working well. Thank Him for that.

All of us have many things, possessions for which we should give thanks to our Heavenly Father. We have cars, roofs over our heads, comfortable beds to sleep in, closets and dressers filled with clothes, and all the electronics or gadgets that we enjoy. I also see special treasures from family and dear friends.

We are all blessed with many things. Sometimes we get focused on what we want and forget to be thankful for all we have.

I think we should all stop and be grateful for the people in our lives. I immediately think of my family. I am so thankful that we are all still here and safe. Many have lost loved ones, whether from COVID or due to other causes.

We should also be thankful for our church family. What about our neighbors who help us with both small and big things? When I was teaching, I was thankful for my colleagues, who were sometimes as close as family.

Thanksgiving opens the doors to Christmas. I am so thankful that Jesus chose to lay everything down and come to earth as a baby so everyone could access Him.

I am thankful that He completed His mission and died on a cross to save me from my sins. I am thankful that He took the whipping to bring health to my body. I am thankful that He loves me, accepts me, forgives me, has a great future planned for me, and that He calls me His friend.

God loves a thankful heart. I want to encourage you to offer up to God the thanks that He deserves for all the good things in your life.

Oddly, we ought to thank God for all the trials and difficulties that allow us to draw closer to Him and to know that He truly is our Savior.

I hope this Thanksgiving is a wonderful time for you and those you love. I pray that you will feel safe and loved and that your heart will be filled with Thanksgiving.

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