LIBRARY LOOKOUT COLUMN: What would you like to know about the library?

Published 12:46 pm Wednesday, February 2, 2022

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When I began my journey in writing this monthly column for the newspaper, I was so excited about sharing the “behind the scenes” of the library world with our community and readers. Each article that I write is such a thrill as I brainstorm, write and share. The thought of getting information out to our Stanly County family, whether you use the library or not, is such an encouragement to me.  I see this monthly chance to put my thoughts on paper as an opportunity to reach everyone with our services, not only those who use them, and if you read these thoughts each month, I’m truly grateful.

While we’re going behind the scenes, can I be transparent? The hardest part about the writing is figuring out what should be written. As a reader who has never worked in a library, there may be parts of our process that you are curious about, or you want to know exactly what it means to be a librarian, a circulation desk worker or a cataloger.

For someone who doesn’t love to read, but wants to support our local infrastructure, are you interested in hearing how to become a Friends of the Library member, or how we prepare and conduct our biannual downstairs book sale or year-round upstairs book sale?

Have you always wished you could come to a space downtown that had something specific to offer, and you think the library would be the perfect place, but you don’t know how to make that dream a reality?

Let’s talk and write about it. Did you drop by the library to work on filling out a job application, but you weren’t able to access the resources you really needed and could offer some improvements that should be discussed? Let’s discuss.

Do you love the idea of reading or listening or enjoying the latest published works, but have no idea how to make that happen because of the outstanding balances on your card? Do you need to know more about our payment plans or “Food for Fines” fundraisers that help settle your account?

What do you wish you knew more about in terms of the library, literacy, access, resources or our community as a whole?

As we venture together into the year 2022, I would love to hear what you would like to hear from me as your representative for the library system, and your glimpse into this building whose purpose is to be the cornerstone of our community.

We are so much more than books, folks and you are so much more than readers. You are the voice behind our tax dollars which create opportunities for members in our community that truly change lives.

Some days in the library, you’re the person who funded a computer, an internet connection, a chair and a worker that helps someone keep their electricity turned on, get insurance filed or find funding for college. Think of what you wish you knew, and ask me to write about it.

You can reach me at, or find me in the Albemarle Library at 704-986-3758.

Are you ready to make a difference? Get a library card. Get involved. Shop the book sale. Download the Libby app. Read. Share. Engage. Connect. I look forward to hearing from you.

Currently Reading: “It Ends With Us” by Colleen Hoover.

Picture Book Highlight: “Pete the Kitty: Wash Your Hands” by Kimberly and James Dean.