DOUG CREAMER COLUMN: The little visitor

Published 8:53 am Thursday, February 24, 2022

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The Easter bunny came for a little visit last Sunday. I’m getting ahead of myself here; let me start at the beginning. I was walking around the side of the house after church last Sunday when I saw a neighbor out in her yard, so I waved. She called out, “Do you own a rabbit?” I responded, “No, why?”

Doug Creamer writes a religion column for the SNAP.

There was a beautiful white rabbit hopping around my backyard. We watched it for a little while and were both concerned for its well being. We’ve seen hawks and owls in our neighborhood. It was friendly and we both petted the little bunny. It was obvious to both of us that this rabbit was someone’s pet.

I decided to catch the rabbit. I got out our cat carrier and some gloves to be careful and scooped the little rabbit up. He was just about in the cage when the rabbit began to kick me with his strong back legs. With his head inside the carrier, I thought I had won. When I released my grip he twirled around and hopped away.

He didn’t run very far. He was playing a little game with me. I swooped around and captured him again. This time I put a hand around those strong back legs. He slid right in the carrier this time and I got the door closed. Mission accomplished, but now what?

My neighbor and I looked at the beautiful rabbit and then we got a carrot for him. While he munched on it, we talked about options, including keeping the little guy. We each encouraged the other to keep it. I don’t think either of us was ready to adopt a new pet.

We called another neighbor and asked if she would post about the lost rabbit on our community Facebook page. We took some cute pictures and she posted about it. Wow, did that create a stir. There were tons of comments on the little rabbit. No one said it was their rabbit, but there were several who were willing to adopt it.

The last I checked on it, the bunny has a new home. I have heard through the grapevine that the family is very happy with their new rabbit. That little rabbit may not know it, but it brought a much-needed ray of sunshine to our little community. I admit it; the little white rabbit brought sunshine to my soul, too.

I like a happy ending, when the lost become found. This little rabbit who lost his way has found a new home where he will be loved and cared for by a warm, loving family. Does that story remind you of any other story? Yes, me too.

All of us know people who are like that little rabbit. They seem content, hopping around in their daily lives, but their souls are lost and unprotected. Their souls don’t have a place to call home. They are in need of someone to come along and rescue them.

Some people don’t even realize that their soul is in danger. They don’t know the perfect peace that God gives His children. They have never met Jesus and discovered His love. They don’t realize that Jesus has paid for all their sins and made a way for them to come home. They don’t have a safe place from the storms of life because they don’t know their Creator.

Sadly, these souls don’t realize that there is a family just waiting for them. The family of God has opened the doors and their hearts to receive them. I know the family of God is not perfect, nor is any family on earth. My family isn’t perfect, but I love everyone in my family and pray for them often. The same holds true for my church family. We aren’t perfect, but we are a wonderful family who love each other deeply. We laugh hard and hold each other close when the road gets rocky. I wouldn’t exchange my church family for anything.

I want to encourage you to get connected with a church family. I know you haven’t figured everything out yet, but that’s okay, we haven’t either. I know your life is a mess, that’s okay, because none of us has a perfect life either. I know you may be afraid and you want God to answer some questions, that’s okay, too. None of us knows all the answers, either … that’s what faith is all about … trusting God with what you don’t understand.

Come home before it is too late. Come home where it is safe. Come home where you can find love and acceptance. Come home to the family of God. Come home.

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