Q&A with County Commission Candidates – Part 5

Published 9:06 am Tuesday, April 19, 2022

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Editor’s Note: For coverage of the primary election, The Stanly News & Press sent questions to each group of candidates. We limited their responses to 200 words per answer. Answers appear as is, with the exception of editing for grammatical/ spelling errors or length. This allows potential voters to see the candidates through their own words and gives equal opportunity for the candidates to respond. We gave candidates two weeks to email their answers back.

County Commission

Patty Crump
Lane Furr
Leon Warren

District 1
Levi Greene
Mike Haigler
Mike Barbee

District 2
Bill Lawhon
Jon Ledbetter
Thomas Townsend

District 3
Tommy Jordan
Brandon King

5. Why should the voters of Stanly County elect you to the Board of Commissioners?

Patty Crump

Crump: I’m experienced, serving in an elected official’s position from 2016 -2020. I understand the sacrifices of time and challenges associated with working for the people. I have a proven track-record of doing what I said I would do once I was in office. Even with strong resistance, I have proven to stand firm.

I was raised here and chose to raise my own family here. I’m totally vested in this community. I love this country. I love our Constitution. I’m a strong supporter of our Second Amendment rights, and I’m pro-life.

I am forever grateful for our brave men and women in uniform, whose sacrifices paid for our freedoms — freedom to speak our minds, to practice our faiths, to be afforded a free and fair education … and I promise to continue to fight for our freedoms.

I am not naïve to think that just because we live in a small, conservative county, that we won’t see a need to continue the fight here. The encroachments we’ve witnessed to our liberties will continue as long as our leaders claim their hands are tied.

That’s not who I am, and that’s exactly why my campaign slogan boldly states: Taking Freedom Back.

Lane Furr

Furr: Actions. Anyone can talk. Few back their words with action. I would rather listen than talk, process all sides of an issue, then act. Ten dollar words are meaningless without action.

This county is my home. I am wholeheartedly invested in its best interest. I take every vote that comes before the board seriously.

I am diligent and dependable. I am community minded — I show up. Since my term began, I have missed one meeting. I was excused the week my wife passed.

As board members, we are also required to serve on two additional boards. I currently serve on two — Water and Sewer, and Fire. I also serve on the School Board Strategy Committee. Again, I show up. Serving as county commissioner is a job, not a position.

I have no interest in using this position for any personal agenda. I want to serve Stanly County citizens.

I believe in the law. I took an oath to uphold the Constitutions of the United States and North Carolina. I believe in the Second Amendment. I am a conservative Republican. My actions are consistent with my words. I am a straight shooter.

I would be honored to receive your vote.

Leon Warren

Warren: 45 Years of experience with Stanly County Government, 12 years as the first Agri-Civic Center director, and 33 years attending and reporting on the meetings and actions of the Stanly County commissioners. Have the time, interest, energy and passion to devote to making Stanly County government streamlined, user friendly, effective, helpful and cost efficient.

History, experience and knowledge do count and does matter in choosing a county commissioner.

Believe have the history, experience and knowledge to be a Stanly County Commissioner.

For more information please go to leonforcountycommissioner.com.

Levi Greene

Greene: As I said earlier, I am a Christian Constitutional Conservative, native of Stanly County. I bring my experiences of successfully running businesses, with similar revenue as our entire county, to the table. This is balanced by my love for the land and farming.

I have skin in the game. My kids, and yours, will inherit the results of our decisions. My wife and I have both said, “Our kids will never be able to look back and say their parents didn’t do all they could.”

Stanly County needs solid leaders who are unafraid to look tyranny in the eye and fight, with all they have, to protect the future for our children and grandchildren. We need leaders who won’t trade common sense, and planning, for instant gratification and development.

Whether we like it or not, Stanly County is the next growth frontier for Charlotte. How we deal with that growth will impact generations to come.

I have never wanted to be a politician, but I am more than willing to stand in the gap for the citizens of Stanly County. I humbly, and sincerely, ask for your vote in the primary election on May 17.

Mike Haigler

Haigler: Voters should consider voting for me due to my knowledge and experience working in and for local government.

Between my time in the fire service, law enforcement and local government administration, I have over 37 years of dedicated experience serving the public. I have seen firsthand the hardships and successes of Stanly County and its citizens.

As a small business owner, I understand some of the challenges faced in these uncertain times. As a parent, I recognize the importance of education and opportunity.

As a native of Stanly County, I want to preserve its past, ensure the success of its future and be a part of providing the best quality of life we can obtain.

Mike Barbee

Barbee: I will work for you to keep taxes low and try to get water into badly needed areas and hopefully entire county one day. I’m for controlled growth and preserve our farm land and most importantly look after our county residents by putting them first and meet their needs before other counties’ residents.

Lawhon: I am asking for your vote in the upcoming May 17 primary.
We have many wins that I have participated in as a commissioner. To name a few, our county has commitments of 921 jobs from existing companies and new companies that are in process of moving their operations to Stanly County.

We have seen investments of $395 million for equipment and new plants.

Bill Lawhon

We have continued to add waterlines for our citizens and will continue as funds permit.
Our county is growing and we need to make sure our farmland is protected from large housing developments. I support housing developments, but the developments should be in areas where water and sewer are available.

We need to protect our beautiful rolling hills and plush green fields.
Again, I ask for your vote.

Jon Ledbetter

Ledbetter: The voters for Stanly County should elect me as District 2 county commissioner for many reasons.

One reason is I was born and raised in Stanly County. Another reason to vote for me, is that I a have ties to future business endeavors that could drastically impact Stanly County financially. I am a hard worker that is very goal oriented and determined to bring a positive change to the  community. I am a person that has never been in politics, but I see that there is significant change that needs to take place in Stanly County and the surrounding areas.

I can help move this county in a direction that ultimately could impact neighboring counties as well.

I am a devoted husband and father that is looking to set an example for the generations to come. I feel that as a candidate, I am in the age range that understands where we have come from and where we are headed as a community.

I would love the opportunity to serve this great county and my fellow citizens. Please vote for Jon Ledbetter for County Commissioner District 2.

Thomas Townsend

Townsend: I have the courage and experience of putting everything I owned on the line to start my own general contracting companies.

I have firsthand knowledge of education from the inside out how strong schools are important to recruiting prospective industry, and what it takes to help make our schools strong!

I have owned and operated a small farm for 42 years and understand how important agriculture is and just what affects it.

I am for less government, not more. I am for individual rights, and the freedoms that we are entitled to under the constitution of the United States. I will fight against unconstitutional mandates (which are not laws passed by our legislature). I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment.

I am for ensuring our children have access to a quality education, including strong vocational opportunities.

I am a Christian Conservative and a strong candidate with a diverse background who simply does not take “it can’t be done” for an answer but looks for ways to make it happen.

I will be the county commissioner who will stand against tyranny in all its forms and will work for what is best for the citizens of Stanly County.

Tommy Jordan

Jordan: This marks my fourth year serving Stanly County. In that time, I’ve been asked to serve as vice chairman, then as chairman. I’m tremendously honored to have achieved so much in so little time.

But it also means I’ve seen this job from every angle possible and I’ve learned how to achieve things where others failed. I’ve spent the time cultivating the relationships and earning the respect of the department heads, the staff, law enforcement, fire and rescue and others.

We have accomplished more for Stanly County in the last three years than has been achieved in the previous 30 years combined. Imagine what we can do when we’re not in a pandemic!

I’m the same man today I was when I was elected, just more experienced. I do what I say I’ll do.

I put in the time and the effort the job requires, and I have had amazing success getting things done!
If that record impresses you, then I hope you’ll vote for me again. If not, then I hope you’ll elect someone that will achieve more, not less, but I think you’d be hard-pressed to find them.

Brandon King

King: I will bring transparency to this board. I want all citizens of Stanly County to feel like their voice matters in decisions relating to this county. Many people in this county perceive that they are not being included in the decision-making process in local government and I believe that perception is reality.

I will always be approachable and accessible. I want citizens to know they can reach out to me without fear of being humiliated or ridiculed on any social media or public forums. I will always take the mature approach when faced with any adversity. I will work diligently to maintain the integrity this board deserves.

I will represent our county with professionalism at all times and do everything I can to make it appealing to new business and residents as well as maintain the appeal to current business and residents.

A good county commissioner should be visible in the community at all times; not only during election season.