Q&A with Clerk of Court Candidates – Part 5

Published 2:08 pm Thursday, April 28, 2022

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Editor’s Note: For coverage of the primary election, The Stanly News & Press sent questions to each group of candidates. We limited their responses to 200 words per answer. Answers appear as is, with the exception of editing for grammatical/spelling errors or length. This allows potential voters to see the candidates through their own words and gives equal opportunity for the candidates to respond. We gave candidates two weeks to email their answers back.

Clerk of Court
Ginger Efird
Michael Greene
Pam Blake

5. The clerk of court position also has a judicial component to it for some civil and criminal responsibilities. How do you feel those duties should be best carried out?

Efird: The North Carolina General Statutes clearly define the law in all civil and criminal matters and the roles of all parties involved, including that of the Clerk of Court.

Ginger Efird

When elected it will be my duty to act within the scope of the law as well as ensuring those that I oversee do so as well. I will make sure that the civil and criminal departments have the necessary number of well trained employees to adequately perform their jobs and meet the needs of the courts, ultimately upholding my oath of office.


Greene: Justice should truly be blind. If elected clerk I am here to serve all the people of Stanly County.

Michael Greene

The clerk must always be objective, neutral and impartial. You must listen to the facts and follow the law and use good common sense. I truly believe this and have practiced this my entire career as a police officer. I will follow the law as I have always done and try and make the best decision for the person that the law will allow.

I have dealt with many people over my 30 years and know what it takes to make difficult decisions. I have seen people die in front on me, and I have had to tell families their loved one was gone. It was not a part of the job I enjoyed, but it has given me real life experiences that can never be taught. I know how to deal with real people who have real life problems and find real life solutions for them.

Blake: I will proactively follow the policies and procedures set forth by the Administrative Office of the Courts. I am also bound by the rules of the law on how to proceed with civil and criminal proceedings.

Pam Blake

Furthermore, I will ensure that my team and I participate in all continuing education opportunities. It is imperative that the Clerk of Court and all staff continuously and consistently deliver the best possible service to the citizens we serve. I will strive to deliver this type of service in every department of the Clerk of Court’s Office.

Under my leadership, the Stanly County Clerk of Court’s Office will always abide by and strictly follow all rules and regulations set forth by the State of North Carolina.