LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Saying ‘abortion is wrong’ is not enough

Published 9:09 am Monday, May 9, 2022

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No doubt, everyone is aware of the news concerning Roe v. Wade.
Let me speak to that by first saying that I am a believer in Jesus Christ, who is the only way of salvation. Also, I am a husband, a father and a pastor of a local church.

And, yes, I am absolutely, unapologetically, against abortion at any stage. Why? Because the Bible teaches:

…Life begins at conception.

…Expectant mothers are “with child.”

…Children are a gift from God.

…Children born with disabilities are created and loved by God.

…We must not compound one tragedy (rape, incest, etc.) with another (killing an innocent child).

…Thou shalt not kill.

I am fully aware that there are those who would divorce Christianity from the Bible, claiming that abortion is good.

There are those who would pass judgment by saying Bible-believers are attempting to force religious views on everyone else.

Woe to them that call evil, “good,” and good, “evil.”

Nevertheless, can we stop with merely saying, “Abortion is wrong?” No.

We must love the Lord our God with all our might and our neighbor as ourselves.

Therefore, this is my plea:

• To the churches: Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His death, burial and resurrection is still the only way of salvation. Love God, and love people.

• To the politician: Make NC abortion free. There will be no compromise to this position. Life is too precious.

• To the expectant mother who is alone: Do not give up. Jesus loves you. God’s people stand ready to walk with you through the hurts of life.

• To the lady who has chosen abortion: Your heartbreak matters to God. There is mercy and forgiveness in Jesus Christ.

• To the children: You are precious and valuable in the sight of God and in our eyes too. We are glad you were born.

• To the unborn: We will be your voice. You have the right to live.

Clint Lewey
Friendship Baptist Church