Stanly Arts Guild announces winners of Dennis photo competition

Published 9:51 am Thursday, May 12, 2022

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The Stanly Arts Guild Dwight J. Dennis Memorial Photography Exhibition & Competition wrapped up May 14.

Katrina Sams, owner and photographer of Artistic Life Photography, judged the entries.

“This image makes me feel like I’m standing ankle deep in the ocean and have just discovered a beautiful, lone tarfish,” Sams said of the first-place work by Christine Scheuerman. “It’s almost as if I’m right there and can reach out and touch the bumpy texture of its legs, the grit and — roughness of the sand and the warm, coot wet of the ripples. Good use of anchoring the image using the Rule of Thirds, while also maintaining sharpness and detail.”

This piece by Lee Haywood received second place.

Of the second-place work by Lee Haywood, Sams said: “At first, I wasn’t overly wowed by the pile of black and white leaves. Then I noticed the two eyes peeking out of the pile. I think the black and white ultimately helps bring focus into the child, but I would love to see this in color. The image makes me want to jump into the pile with them. Love the upside-down perspective. It really adds a bit of surprise and whimsey to the black and white image.”

Liz Crono took home third place.

“Beautifully captured image — great detail on the entire deer, from the white spots to the eyelashes and chin whiskers,” Sams said of Crono’s work. “I feel like I could reach out and touch him. I also love the depth of field and the softer focus background. Very serene and peaceful feeling.”

Liz Crono won third place for this photo.