LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Four-way stop will not help any

Published 4:07 pm Monday, June 27, 2022

As a concerned resident of Stanly County, I’m concerned about the four-way stop being installed on Highway 73/Millingport Road this week.

Truckers, etc., going over 55, grocery store near on one side (which has always been hard to see around if you’re coming off the Ridgecrest side) and the other shop on the other side…If it’s such a dangerous intersection, slow the speed to 45 and install signals, which yes people are running red lights, but they run signs, too.

When the new is gone from installing signs, their warning lights, etc. aren’t blinking anymore and time changes and it’s dark, it’s going to be extremely dangerous for senior citizens and anyone driving at night if they aren’t used to the change.

Pat Burris