LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Freedom is gone

Published 4:03 pm Monday, June 27, 2022

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How ironic.

The overturning of my and all women’s 50-year Constitutional right to make personal health decisions follows the same week of the second year national celebration of Juneteenth, the celebration of the Galveston, Texas slaves who learned that Lincoln had abolished slavery two years before.

Yes, the Constitutional right that I, a woman, finally won almost 50 years ago that recognized me and my body as equal to that of men’s, is now gone.

In the years preceding Roe vs. Wade, I and all women had to live with the horrible knowledge that should we become pregnant, no matter the reason of incest, rape, medical problems or an unwanted child, there were two avenues: carry that pregnancy or find a way, illegal way, to terminate the pregnancy.

My story is similar to many women. I was in mid-20s, engaged to my former husband, and we were both, yes, both using contraceptives, but somehow we got pregnant anyway, an unwanted pregnancy because we were not ready to become parents.

Had it not been for a dear friend who somehow knew how to obtain a blackmarket “pill,” my life and my ex-husband’s would have had a very different, negative outcome.

Hear me well, foes of abortion. I respect your understanding and you can live your life with that choice.

But, and hear me well, you and the (primarily) white men who have determined that the government will now decide how I make personal decisions regarding my body, my daughters’ bodies and all women’s bodies. Oh, no, friends, this will not stand.

And if you believe that this is the only freedom that has been taken away from us women, think again. Read Justice Thomas’ words that contraception and gay rights are open to being overturned.

What is happening to freedom in our country? My freedom to make personal decisions.

As Justice Sotomayor wrote, it is a sad day for freedom.

You will find me on the lines to get out the vote in November. That is the only way we will get back on the road to our freedoms as equal citizens.

Nancy C. Bryant