LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Battle against hopelessness

Published 12:16 pm Monday, August 15, 2022

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Have you felt a bit hopeless about the lack of leadership in NC and Washington, DC?

That is changing, thanks to our Congress and the Biden Administration who are doing the work for us, the people — finally, some would say, after years of little progress in ways that affect us right here in Stanly County.

Actually, and sadly, most of the work has been done by the majority party with little help from across the aisle. Most notably, our Senators Tillis and Burr recently voted to block a cap on insulin for the thousands of NC not on Medicare. And Burr voted against the bill to help our vets. Our Rep. Richard Hudson voted against either all or almost all of these measures in the past year. Why?

Today we give a huge shout out to all those who worked so hard to accomplish the following over the past year that will help us in Stanly County:

1. A huge infrastructure bill to address our country’s roads, bridges and much more;

2. A measure to strengthen our technological competitiveness;

3. New gun-safety laws to protect our citizens after decades of needed changes;

4. Measures to help our vets exposed to toxic substances;

And just passed…

5. The Inflation Reduction Act to finally address the existential climate crisis, to lower the cost of prescription drugs, to cap out of pocket costs for Medicare users, to make the ultra rich pay fair share of taxes, and much more.

We don’t understand why Senators Tillis and Burr and the NC Republican representatives in the House have not supported all these measures that help us citizens.

Citizens notice when our leaders do nothing for us, the people.

That’s why all these bills and measures that have passed recently, particularly the Inflation Reduction Act, have struck a blow against hopelessness.

Nancy Bryant