Revivque provides proactive healthcare with IV hydration

Published 10:36 am Thursday, September 8, 2022

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Dehydration is an ever-present concern for outdoor workers and athletes during the summer months, when humidity and heat can easily cause an active person to perspire heavily, and, as a result, fall victim to heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

In addition, many common illnesses can also cause dehydration, leading to more serious health problems.

Aware of this problem, and in an effort to provide assistance in combating it, Tessa Hartsell and Amber Hatley, nursing instructors at Stanly Community College, recently started Revivque, which offers intravenous (IV) hydration in addition to other services.

“Our service is open to anyone,” Hartsell says. “Athletes and persons working outside use our services often, but it is not limited just to them.”

“We work under the supervision of medical director Dr. Joseph Palumbo,” she added, and also noted that the service is mobile and able to reach patients who are unable to come out of their homes.

“Our eventual goal is to establish a brick-and-mortar location and we are closing in on that goal hopefully within the next month,” she said. “However, our current mobile setup allows us to reach those who can’t come to us.”

Revivque staff includes Kailey Huntley, Amber Hatley, Tessa Hartsell and Emily Hathcock. (Photo by TOBY THORPE)

In addition to IV hydration, Revivque offers vitamin infusions and injections, according to Hartsell.

“We have infusions that are formulated to increase energy, boost immunity and prevent migraines,” she stated. “We also offer injections that assist with weight loss, and that help foster healthy hair, skin and nails.”

Hartsell also noted that teachers and school administrators, as well as some students, often seek out their services in an effort to boost immunity.

“With school starting back and people back in the buildings and classrooms, it raises concerns (about contagious illnesses) among many teachers and students.”

But Hartsell is quick to emphasize that all IVs and injections are done under close medical supervision.

“Our work is performed under standing orders from our physician (Palumbo),” said Hartsell, “and our supplements are all natural as well.”

Although she noted that their services can be beneficial to persons of any age, Hartsell pointed out that persons under 18 years of age can only receive such treatments with permission from their pediatrician and parent or legal guardian.

“Amber and I started this business out of love for our community and wanting to help promote health and wellness to Stanly County,” said Hartsell. “We believe in taking a proactive stance in health instead of waiting until you are sick to seek healthcare.”