Marriage Licenses – December 2022

Published 2:27 pm Thursday, January 26, 2023

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Marriage licenses were issued to the following:

• Charissa Renae Addington and Anthony Paul Lee, II on December 30.

• Camila Julieta Arellano Hurtado and Ethan Brady Morgan on December 27.

• Jennifer Lynn Austin and Jesus Gonzalez Rodriguez on December 22.

• Hailey Alexandria Bates and Jordan Donald Alexander on December 28.

• Whitney Shanta Benson and Sammie Dave Lilly on December 28.

• Lindamae Catrone and Gerald Joseph Caputo on December 8.

• Jennifer Boyer Chambers and Richard Lee Baker on December 9.

• Sherrie Katherine Gillespie Ellenburg and Michael David Wood on December 10.

• Melissa Jane Tysinger Eudy and Stephen Dale Sebastian on December 3.

• Myra Eudy and Hoyle Keith Almond, Jr. on December 10.

• Kaysie Iris Hall and Kilby Baxter Queen on December 31.

• Nicole Margaret Holman and Ryan Kenry Dudney on December 16.

• Shanita Jackson and Gary Demetrius Crump on December 8.

• Kellie Nicole Lendsey Johnson and Blake Lawrence Henn on December 11.

• Amber Len Justice and Michael Jonathan Speanburg on December 23.

• Katie Lee Mayo and Joseph James Thomas on December 30.

• Ciera Gail Miller and Justin Tyler Hatley on December 10.

• Brenda Eileen Mullins and Caleb Andrew Cook on December 18.

• Alexis Catherine Oyler and Brandon Wesley Ragsdale on December 2.

• Brenda Perera Fernandez and Andres Soto Corbera on December 5.

• Martha Lilia Rodriguez Ramon and Eric Hughgene Ward on December 9.

• Allison Marie Sanders and Seth Hamilton Efird on December 17.

• Alishia Nicole Sears and Christian Mark Austin on December 10.

• Christine Cassels Sweet and Willie Carl Whitaker, III on December 3.

• Jaclyn Nicole Tannenbaum and Joshua Matthew Clark on December 10.

• Kathryn Elizabeth Tobias and Luke Bradley Alexander on December 3.

• Jacqueline Sue Touzeau and Ronald David Barnes on December 3.

• Kaitlyn Olivia Whaley and Wilson Lee Talley on December 3.