LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We don’t need Health Board making decisions for us

Published 11:09 am Wednesday, March 15, 2023

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The recent 7-4 decision of our local health board to withhold support of a resolution connected to Medical Freedom Act 98 is appalling.

Never before in the recording of America’s healthcare crises have we Americans relinquished our freedoms to the extent we have from 2020 to 2022, and, in some cases, into 2023.

What has been so exceptional about COVID-19 that caused a literal halt to life in America for way too long? And now, facts are available to the public to substantiate the early opposition to masking, quarantining, lockdowns, school closures, shot mandates, vaccine passports, etc. Early on, media outlets, receiving their information from the CDC, WHO and NIH, reported daily that the above listed activities prevented the spread of the virus. We know now that these protocols had little effect on its contagion.

Kudos to our state legislators for their diligence in drafting Medical Freedom Act 98. (It is available for reading on several of our state’s government websites.)

When the U.S. Supreme Court over­ turned Roe v. Wade last year, there was a battle cry from the pro-choice crowd shouting, “My body; my choice!”

Why doesn’t the same cry apply to other medical choices?

The COVID-19 protocols rolled out under a so-called health emergency without proper debate or forethought as to their effects.
Supposedly, this coronavirus has been the worst sickness since any past recorded contagions. Again, now there is available information to the contrary. There was never an opportunity at the beginning to even have discussions among extremely reputable medical professionals.

Several medical experts published a document called the Great Barrington Declaration in 2020 to take their stand concerning COVID-19 and their beliefs about it and its possible treatment(s). That made no difference in the top health organizations’ decisions and the subsequent restrictions to our lives. And for thousands, the side effects from the COVID shots have been deadly or otherwise life-altering.

So, back to medical freedom … Of course, the Health Board is less than objective since it is top heavy with members related to or in the medical profession.

Commissioner Asciutto commented about some data to support the protocols at this same meeting. There’s a wealth of information to refute some of his data. Do some research and compare or contrast the information you discover.

Mr. Asciutto also reportedly suggested that the Medical Freeclom Act should have a name change: The Freedom To Spread The Virus Act. Really?

Shame on you, Health Board, for promoting your belief that we citizens aren’t intelligent enough to make health-related decisions, including those related to COVID.

And, thank you, Commissioner Crump, for your boldness in advocating for Stanly County citizens’ rights based on your own researched data.

Kaye Poole