LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Mind your own business

Published 4:44 pm Saturday, May 27, 2023

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What in the world is wrong with you mostly white men who are supposed to be “leaders” of our state and counties?

I am furious, sad, astounded that you men believe that you have the right to control my life, my family’s lives and the lives of the people of the state with laws after laws that have nothing to do with the real needs of NC.

Why do you, the leaders I’m addressing, think you have the right to tell me/us what to do with our private lives, our bodies, what we read in our libraries, what we study at universities, tell us that our family folks who are gay/lesbian/queer are not acceptable, tell us how we can’t help our children who are facing the need to trans from male to female in order to be the people that God means them to be?

Get out of my bedroom, get out of what I and my fellow citizens choose to read and study, get out of my health life, and stop supporting things such as assault weapons that are damaging every aspect of our communities.

Do you not read/listen to what we the public want? The public wants freedom to choose how we manage our families, the public wants to read freely at our libraries and schools without bans by a tiny group of people who think they have the right to take over my rights.

The public wants controls on guns. Our family has multiple guns just like many other families, but we want controls on guns, just like the majority of our people.

Again, who do you think you are? I can surmise only that you are filled with the sense of power and control over me and my family, and I’ve had it with you.

God help you realize what you are doing.

Listen to what you are doing to bring down our democracy which is about the voice of the people.

Nancy C. Bryant