Published 4:53 pm Monday, July 24, 2023

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Frank Kirk was born on Feb. 26, 1866, to Dan and Lena Kirk and grew up in the area around Stony Hill church. According to his April 10, 1953 Stanly News & Press obituary, he was primarily a farmer and grave digger.

Kirk once said that he helped dig his first grave when he helped his father while he was still just 10 years old.

It is estimated that Frank Kirk dug around 5,000 graves in his life. (Contributed)

Once he was older, Kirk worked numerous jobs but would always make arrangements that he could dig graves for the different undertakers whenever they needed help. He began digging graves regularly in 1891 and according to an April 2, 1943 article in the SNAP it was once estimated he had dug 4,000 to 5,000 graves.

Kirk was still digging graves in 1952 when he was in his mid-80s and passed away on April 8, 1953.

{Lewis Bramlett – Stanly County Historical Society}