Health demerits were more than CO2 system

Published 10:21 am Monday, September 25, 2023

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A recent story on gave the following account of a “B” grade assessed to the Buzzed Viking Brewery and Meadery location in Locust:

When asked about a low health grade the restaurant received in summer 2023, Moroe said it came as a result of new regulations requiring CO2 sensors on all tap lines.

“We have corrected that problem,” said (co-owner Mike) Moroe, adding that new sensors have been added as required under state health code.

After this story was posted, the SNAP received a complaint from a citizen alleging that the low rating was not a result of the restaurant’s CO2 sensors, but was instead a result of violations of required health standards.

The SNAP has obtained a copy of the restaurant’s most recent environmental health inspection (available for public viewing at, performed on Aug. 10, which lists the following critical demerits leading to the eatery’s sanitation grade of 84.5:

● Person in charge must be a certified food protection manager (1 demerit, repeat violation);

● Observed a plate of food with a fork on the prep table near the 2 door coolers. All food must be kept away from food contact surfaces. (0.5 demerit);

● Observed both hand sinks blocked on by mop bucket and the other by broom and mop. All hand sinks must maintain accessible at all times. (1 demerit);

● Observed frozen shrimp in 2 door freezer laying on frozen beef. All foods shall be separated to prevent contamination. (1.5 demerits);

● Observed the ice container lid located at the drink machine-extremely dirty. (1.5 demerits, but corrected during inspection);

● Numerous items (Chicken, pork chops, salmon, packaged ham, and corn beef) all cold holding greater than 41 degrees F. (1.5 demerits, corrected during inspection); and

● Observed numerous amounts of food with no date mark. All TCS ready to eat foods must be date marked. (3 demerits, corrected during inspection).

In addition, the inspection listed a number of non-critical demerits related to thawing of frozen foods, flies in kitchen area, contamination prevention, use and storage of wiping cloths, utensils, equipment and linens, cooler equipment, non-food surface cleanliness, and physical facility cleanliness.

These demerits totaled 5.5 points, which in addition to the 10 points for critical violations resulted in the facility’s 84.5 rating.