Stanly County Sheriff’s Reports – Jan. 25-27, 2024

Published 3:33 pm Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Stanly County Sheriff’s Office reports the following:

• Atora Dijonai Dumas (B /F/31) Arrest on chrg of Att Robbery-dangerous Weapon (F), at 126 South Third, Albemarle, on 1/25/2024.

• John Thomas Fesperman (W /M/32) Arrest on chrg of 1) Felony Larceny (F), 2) Misdemeanor Larceny (M), and 3) Injury To Real Property (M), at 126 S Third St, Albemarle, on 1/25/2024.

• Demauree Jasun Crowder (B /M/20) Arrest on chrg of 1) Pwimsd Marijuana (F), 2) Maintain Veh/dwell/place Cs (f) (F), 3) Possess Marij Paraphernalia (M), 4) Fta – Release Order (F), 5) Fta – Release Order (F), 6) Fta – Release Order (F), 7) Fta – Release Order (F), 8) Fta – Release Order (F), and 9) Fta – Release Order (F), at Richfield, on 1/25/2024.

• John Wesley Brye-skipper (B /M/19) Arrest on chrg of 1) Felony Larceny (F), 2) Felony Larceny (F), 3) Fta – Criminal Summons Or Citation (F), and 4) Fta – Criminal Summons Or Citation (F), at 126 South Third Street, Albemarle, on 1/26/2024.

• Deonta Maurice Lilly (B /M/35) Arrest on chrg of 1) Death By Distribution/agg (F), 2) Second Degree Murder (F), 3) Trafficking,opium Or Heroin (F), 4) Maintain Veh/dwell/place Cs (f) (F), and 5) Possess Drug Paraphernalia (M), at 618 S Fourth St, Albemarle, on 1/26/2024.

• Arnelle Dion Smith (B /M/28) Arrest on chrg of 1) Trafficking,opium Or Heroin (F), 2) Pwimsd Sch Ii Cs (F), and 3) Possess Drug Paraphernalia (M), at Olympia Gas Station 1st St., Albemarle, on 1/26/2024.

• Cassie Marie Trent (W /F/23) Arrest on chrg of Misdemeanor Larceny (M), at 24/27 Hanson, Albemarle, on 1/27/2024.