Published 2:09 pm Friday, February 23, 2024

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My how time flies. It seems it was not that long ago that County Commissioner/COVID Ambassador Peter Asciutto was publicly calling for mandatory vaccines for all county employees. And during this time period he also fired a long-time employee at Vac & Dash for refusing to wear a face mask despite having a doctor’s medical exemption (it was me).

Now, just prior to election season he apparently feels like it is up to the individual whether to mask or not. No comment from him if his vaccine mandate stance has changed in the political wind, but it would be a question worth asking.

I see he is once again posting campaign signs touting that he is a “conservative.” Nothing could be further from the truth.
When I asked him about his support for Donald Trump and important conservative issues, he just winked and stated, “Oh, I mean fiscal conservative.” It is just his duplicitous way of harvesting low information voters who saw a sign on the roadside and have no idea what kind of conservative he actually is.

Just like his hero, Joe Biden, Asciutto takes the the wrong side of every political issue, both locally and nationally. His poor decisions usually come back to haunt him as witnessed by his obvious discomfort over the Greyhound bus stop he initiated and profited from on ticket sales.

Despite public outcry by business owners over the continuing influx of homeless bus riders inundating our community he still supports the bus stop.

And then there was his ill conceived and thankfully short lived discussion about removing a certain statue in a local park…the list goes on and on — hopefully the good citizens of Stanly County will take RINO Asciutto at his word that “elections matter” and vote him out.

Michael Palmer