Marriage Licenses – February 2024

Published 9:10 am Friday, March 29, 2024

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Marriage licenses were issued in February to the following:
• Cana Lee Bergstresser and Luke Lesley Burris on February 2.
• Ana Carbajal Osorio and Rene Jaimes Macedo on February 10.
• Cassadie Rachelle Furr and Kyle Scott Sullivan on February 20.
• Raquel Ann Garcia and Joshua Vandon Greene on February 29.
• Tammie Lynn Hendrix and David Lowery, Jr. on February 9.
• KC Michelle Vansteinburg Holbrooks and Noah Brandon Arey on February 24.
• Makayla Marie Holland and Owen Andrew Simpson on February 3.
• Rosa Nelly Lopez Peregrino and Dony Javier Santos Jimenez on February 16.
• Breann Kay Maddox and Coleman Sean Bronson on February 12.
• Robin Marie Moseng and Amy Abernathy Frizzell on February 21.
• Olivia Yvonne Neiswender and Justin Foster McElroy on February 6.
• Grayson Scott Rector and Dylan Gary Pickett on February 11.
• Deborah Rios Olmos Rios and William Barry Snyder on February 23.
• Wanda Renita Rummage and Gary Neil Phillips, Jr. on February 14.
• Jeannie Marie Tompkins and Jesus Uriel Villalpando-Luna on February 13.