SENIOR LIFESTYLES: How empty nesters can repurpose bedrooms in their homes

Published 4:22 pm Thursday, May 16, 2024

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It can be bittersweet when adult children decide the time has come to move out of the family home. Parents perhaps get their first trial run of this scenario when their children go off to college or enlist in the military. Rooms are left empty, if only for a certain period of time. Eventually, those rooms will remain empty as adult children move out of the house for good.
Converting a child’s bedroom into an area for adults may take some planning. It can be exciting to regain space, but at the same time, it can be disheartening to convert a child’s bedroom once and for all. When the time comes and homeowners are emotionally ready to tackle bedroom conversions, these tips can help the process go smoothly.
• Repurpose the space for them. Give a childhood bedroom an adult spin without changing too much. If furniture is in good shape, replace the bedding, change the flooring, swap out artwork, and remove “youthful” items like toys, trophies and other collectibles. When the child comes home to visit, he or she will still feel comfortable in the space.
• Create extra storage. The bedroom can be transformed into a walk-in closet or dressing space. According to the design experts at Houzz, many clients request this type of dressing room situation. There’s a bonus if the layout allows the space to connect to the owner’s suite or bathroom. This is a major overhaul, so homeowners should enlist a professional contractor.
• Make a fitness center. A bedroom can be turned into a home gym to make working out more convenient. Homeowners should take inventory of equipment they may have and then figure out where existing and new equipment will go. They may need to consult a structural engineer to ensure that the flooring can bear the weight of additional equipment.
• Create a work space. One of the best ways to transform adult children’s bedrooms is to convert the spaces into home offices. Those who have been setting up “desks” at dining room tables or elsewhere may be excited about the prospects of finally having a private, dedicated space to work from home.
• Turn it into a craft room. The bedroom can be converted into a space to explore hobbies and various other interests. A dedicated craft space, a reading nook, a place to store photography equipment, or another function can serve as a useful way to repurpose an empty bedroom.
Empty nesters have many possibilities when it comes to converting their children’s old bedrooms into adult spaces.