LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Churches need to help unhoused individuals

Published 4:27 pm Tuesday, June 4, 2024

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City Council should not be tasked with addressing the homeless problem in a city of hundreds of churches and dozens of nonprofits, all tax exempt entities.

Did you know that if each church took in one homeless person, fed them, clothed them, and helped them learn – we would not have any homeless people in Albemarle?

If the local government becomes the charity organization, it will make Albemarle attract homelessness that it cannot sustain, something the people here have not agreed to.

I know the people care. If the community cares, they need to push past the internal walls they have built, team up with a church or nonprofit that perhaps you don’t agree with, and take care of one person. One person.

Compassion is beautiful and it is only godly when it is coupled with wisdom. Sloppy compassion results in division, waste and failure — none of which represent Jesus.

Church, it is your time to rise up with an inspired solution rather than throwing another bowl of soup at the problem. Engage the community, and let us know what works and doesn’t work. Let the community hear from you. Churches: Reach out to one another, talk. Show the community what Jesus would do rather than operating as competitors.

CEOs of nonprofits, you’re innovators. You’re visionaries. You’re problem solvers. Be a part of this. Let’s do something.

City Council, you can’t be everything for everyone — that’s not the type of government the people have elected you to. You do your thing, let the churches and nonprofits tackle this one.

Bryan Maples