DEQ returns application for Special Order by Consent to Badin Business Park

The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Division of Water Resources (DWR), is returning the Badin Business Park LLC application for a Special Order by Consent (SOC), and the SOC as drafted will not be moving forward.

DWR has sent a letter to Badin Business Park on its decision regarding the company’s proposed plan to resolve ongoing issues at one of its discharge points, Outflow 005, by redistributing a portion of that flow to Outflow 012
through construction of an additional pipeline on its property. Outfall 005 is permitted for discharge into Little Mountain Creek, while Outfall 012 is permitted for discharge into Badin Lake which includes a community
recreational area.

DWR received more than 350 responses during the public comment period for the SOC requesting denial of the proposed SOC. Badin Business Park will be required to review and implement other options to repair Outfall 005 in order to comply with its current NPDES discharge permit.

Badin Business Park will also be required to remit payment of civil penalties assessed in September and October 2020 for noncompliance with its NPDES permit. The penalties were deferred by DWR during the SOC review period. The company is responsible for payment of the five separate penalties, totaling $2,328.80, upon receipt.