LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Bravo to the Pfeiffer Honor Band

Hats off to Pfeiffer University and Dr. Joseph Earp for bringing together 160 of our most talented high school musicians from across multiple counties for an extraordinary opportunity.

In two days these young people learned and performed masterfully several difficult yet beautiful musical pieces — and in the process presented their elders in the audience not only an enriching musical experience, but also modeled a life lesson.

As expressed so well by conductor and composer Robert W. Smith, these young people were able to come together with their diverse talents and truly listen to one another and together produce an incredibly special end result.

Maybe we grownups in a very divisive society can learn from these exceptional young people.

If we come together with our unique perspectives and learn to listen to each other, we can make beautiful music.

Thank you, Pfeiffer University, for investing in our young people in this manner and for so generously sharing it with the public. Bravo.

Carla McSwain,