Badin Elementary evacuated after bomb threat

Badin Elementary School was evacuated Wednesday morning after an apparent bomb threat was made to the school, according to Badin Police Chief Stephen Smith.

Smith said a female called the school at about 10:30 a.m. demanding a large amount of money or else she would bring a bomb to school.

About 10 minutes later, students and staff evacuated the school.

After the school called 9111, Badin Police, Stanly County Sheriff’s Office and Cabarrus County Canine Unit responded to the scene. Following a search, no bombs or any other devices were found, Smith said.

Law enforcement discovered the caller was “suffering from a mental health crisis,” he said.

Students and staff later came back to the school.

“The best case scenario occurred,” Smith said of the fact that no device was found and no students or staff were injured.

The woman who made the call, who does not live in Stanly, was not charged due to her mental health status, Smith said.

“You’ve got to give credit to the school administrators and faculty and staff to follow the protocol and safely move the children from the school building to their designated off-site assembly area,” Smith said.