HEALTH AND WELLNESS: Caring Touch aims to provide services to seniors, keep them at home

James Cory “Bubba” Hesley began a new company in January with hopes of assisting senior citizens at home.

Caring Touch Homecare staff members offer assistance with bathing, cooking, cleaning, laundry and transportation.

“We are a personal homecare agency that provides your day to day caretaking services, that would include things such as caregiving — getting them to and from doctor’s appointments, preparing meals or taking them to eat, providing assistance with daily living,” said Hesley. “Maybe they’re all alone and don’t have a family member near that could provide that companionship.”

Hesley said he was in the home health care industry for 10 years before starting his company.

“I kind of backed into health care after I got out of the army. I immediately realized these people need people who care,” he said.

He believes his experience locally with Atrium Health and the contacts he has made gives him an advantage to help individuals find other local services when needed, such as physical therapy or wound care.

He said he began the company because he saw many agencies were not offering services as frequent enough as many individuals wanted.

“I realized that there are so many people that require more care than that,” he said. “I want to provide a more compassionate approach. I’m just a mom and pop place that cares deeply for senior citizens. I just want these senior citizens to age in place at home with dignity and grace and not have to get shipped off to a nursing home or an assisted living facility.”

“So many of these older Americans, they don’t want to have to go spend their last days in a nursing home or spend their last days in an assisted living center,” he added. “I just want to provide a reputable company that can facilitate those needs and desires.”

His company has around 10 employees. The business is currently focusing on Stanly County, but he said offering services to neighboring counties could be an option in the future.

Hesley said the company’s main goal is to “provide these people and their families the peace of mind to live out the end of their life at home.”

For more information on Caring Touch Homecare, visit or call 704-661-3917.

B.J. Drye is general manager/editor of The Stanly News & Press. Call 704-982-2123.