Richfield looking into new town hall location

With the future expansion of N.C. Highway 49 to four lanes, Richfield is anticipating growth in the town and is planning ahead.

The town is looking into purchasing a bigger property for its town hall.

During a recent Richfield town council meeting, the idea was discussed about moving the town hall from its current location, 138 N.C. 49 N., to the old Richfield medical building, 137 N.C. 49 N., which has been vacant for many years.

The town is discussing its legal options and no moves have yet been made. The town met with the owners of the property and decided it would cost around $500,000 to purchase the building. Additional renovations would be needed on the front of the building, Town Administrator Carolyn Capps said.

“It was more of an investment in the future,” Capps said.

The town had discussed the idea of transitioning to the medical building for many years, but never felt like it was the right time to make a move.

The new location would be a bigger space with more parking.

“It would be ample space and would be plenty of room for the town to grow in the coming years,” Capps said.

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