North instructor named Stanly County Schools Teacher of the Year

A first year teacher at North Stanly has been named Teacher of the Year for Stanly County Schools.

However, Ron George is not new to teaching. George is in his 30th year, having taught in Union and Mecklenburg counties after moving to North Carolina from Massachusetts.

Ron George

“I’m really honored that I was honored this way. I’m kind of speechless,” George said.

George teaches Civics to freshmen. He admits it is an interesting time to be teaching a course about U.S. government. He has taught government and politics his entire career.

It also helps that he has a law degree.

“I present both sides of all issues,” he said. “There’s just so much going on right now with how to interpret the Constitution … obviously everything that is going on with elections and government.

“I take this course very seriously. I have always felt it is my job to teach these kids how to think and not what to think,” he added. “I always take great pride in that the end of the school year that half of the kids think I’m a Democrat and half the kids think I’m a Republican.”

George called Civics a “critical course for kids to learn.”

“I know that given the politics of what’s going on today that it has to be taught with care — care in that one’s personal political views are irrelevant to the kids,” he said.

North Principal Andrea Russell said “Mr. George has demonstrated remarkable resilience and professionalism in his classroom.”

“His unwavering commitment to maintain rigorous standards has earned him admiration from students and staff at NSHS and at the district level. Mr. George’s teaching philosophy involves trying diverse approaches to make the curriculum accessible and creating a positive and supportive learning environment,” she said. “He holds students accountable for their actions and work, setting high standards and expectations. Not only does he challenge all students to reach higher academic levels, but he also challenges himself as a lifelong learner and adapts his teaching methods to accommodate students and circumstances.”

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