Stanly cell tower committee cancels public meetings

The Stanly County Telecommunication Tower Committee recently met twice with the public to receive input regarding cellphone tower regulations in the county.

However, the committee has postponed three public meetings, per a statement released today.

Bob Remsburg, Stanly County’s planning manager, issued a statement regarding the upcoming hearings.

According to the statement, after hearings in Oakboro and Millingport, the committee “has determined that they need to consult with telecommunication tower and cell communications professionals about the concerns expressed and to further research the limits to local legislation imposed by both the state and federal governments. Because of this desire to hear from professionals and to conduct further research, the committee has decided to postpone the remaining three public input meetings until this information can be attained.”

The statement also said rescheduled dates and locations will be released to the media “at least two weeks before the first rescheduled public input meeting.”