New N.C. executive order sets parameters for college athletes and sponsorships

Pfeiffer University athletes, as well as other college athletes in North Carolina, received greater freedom to receive sponsorships for their own name, image and likeness (NIL).

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper issued Executive Order No. 223 Friday giving college athletes the right to profit off their own NIL.

The order stems from the NCAA’s recent decision that as of July 1 athletes may receive compensation for their likeness.

In the executive order, compensation has certain restrictions. Student-athletes may not receive compensation as an inducement for enrolling in a particular school. Colleges also may not compensate athletes directly for their NIL.

The order also allows schools to limit endorsements for an athlete if the arrangement conflicts with an existing contract by the school.

Schools may also impose “reasonable limitations” on what products an athlete may endorse. The order states limitations would be if a product is “antithetical to the values of the institution.”

Sponsorships also may be limited during school events or official team activities. Colleges can establish procedures to ensure the sponsorship “is commensurate with fair-market value.”

Athletes may also be required by schools to disclose their sponsorships. Schools are “encouraged to provide financial literacy and life-skills programs” for its student-athletes.