LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Stanly County needs faster internet

Now that we’re well into the school year, many students are learning in person, while others are choosing virtual or more individual schooling from home. In any case, the experience is sure to be full of notebooks, backpacks and mouse clicks.

During the pandemic, some families in our community have found benefits in virtual schooling while others have experienced frustrations with certain limitations or challenges related to a virtual education.

Either way, one common barrier remains: poor internet connection.

Stanly County lags behind the national average when it comes to internet speeds, meaning students will be held back while streaming video lessons, engaging in online group discussions or even reading and researching.

However, Stanly County now has the opportunity to support our kids’ education and long-term success with an investment in the future: fiber broadband.

Fiber is lightyears faster than other types of internet like copper, wireless and cable; and its speed isn’t affected by the number of users online. Fiber’s durability also makes it less susceptible to outages due to distance, usage, or climate conditions — meaning that even on snow days, our kids can keep learning.

Strong, stable and reliable internet connections benefit all students, whether they are learning virtually or attending classes in person.

The State of North Carolina must invest in uninterrupted education for Stanly County students and allocate funding toward fiber broadband internet.

Matthew Swain
Stanly County GOP Chairman