PEEKING INTO THE PAST: How Hallie Almond appeared in Life magazine

Hallie Almond was born July 16, 1911, in Stanly County. She graduated from Albemarle High School in 1929 and received a degree from the nursing school at the Charlotte Sanatorium in May 1932.

In early 1942, Almond enlisted as a nurse in the Army and was stationed with the 38th Evacuation Unit, a mobile hospital. Her unit was sent to England in August 1942.

During the latter part of 1943, the unit participated in support of the Allied invasion of North Africa. According to the Sept. 12, 1945, Greensboro Daily News, they were never far from the front and were frequently in danger of bombing and shell fire.

In early 1944, the 38th was sent to Italy to support the Allied invasion as it headed north from Anzio Beach. It was while stationed in Italy that a photo was taken of Almond, as she cleaned mud from her shoes. This picture later appeared in the Feb. 21, 1944 edition of Life Magazine in an article about the 38th and the hardships they endured.

After the war, Almond returned to the United States in September 1945. She married Dr. Kenneth Bray Boyd.

Almond went to work at Maryland General Hospital where she stayed until retirement in 1976.

She moved to Lexington in 1979 and lived there until she passed away on Jan. 16, 1987.

{Lewis Bramlett – Stanly County Historical Society}