Hospice of Stanly changes name

Hospice of Stanly has changed its name and logo it says in a press release “to better reflect the expanding mission and full range of compassionate services offered to the community, including both hospice and palliative care.” The nonprofit organization will be doing business as Tillery Compassionate Care.

“Although we have a new name that better reflects both our services and service areas,” said CEO Lori Thayer, RHIA, CLE, “we are maintaining our corporate name, Hospice of Stanly County, Inc. to honor the history of the hard work and determination of many dedicated people. We will continue delivering the same quality care to this community as we have done for more than 40 years.

“This high-quality care includes earning our 5-star rating from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, achieving recognition as a Hospice Honors program, scoring 10 of 10 hospice quality measures, and being named by Modern Healthcare as a Best Place to Work.”

The agency now offers to the community services over the course of a serious illness:

  • Hospice care is defined as care that aims to ease pain and other distressing symptoms in patients who are not expected to recover from their condition, have a life expectancy of 6 months or less, and have chosen to no longer receive life prolonging treatments.
  • Palliative care aims to ease pain and help with symptoms caused by a serious or chronic illness but is not considered to be life-limiting at this time. This service adds an extra layer of support working in conjunction with an individual’s medical team and life-prolonging medications or treatments.

“Of course, our organization will continue to bring compassion and love to patients struggling with serious illness,” said Ashley Wiltcher, NP. “The new name, however, is a better focus for all the patients and families we serve — hospice patients and palliative care patients.”

“The name Tillery was intentional and signifies our focus and commitment to Montgomery and Stanly counties,” Thayer added. “We kept the pink coloring because our team in pink scrubs has become synonymous in the community with quality care and compassion. The blue heron represents a number of interesting characteristics:

• According to North American Native tradition, the blue heron represents self-determination and self-reliance. Like the heron, our organization’s ability to adapt and evolve to meet the needs of the community through innovation reflects our desire for sustainability.

• The long thin legs of the heron represent an ability to stand confidently, remain stable and be one’s own pillar of strength. This aspect of the logo was a natural fit as our agency continues to remain an independent organization, free of affiliation.

• Herons exhibit a high level of intelligence in hunting techniques. This trait is evident in the strategic planning efforts demonstrated within our organization.

• Herons know where their food comes from and can plan for future needs. In much the same fashion, our board of directors demonstrates visionary planning and continues to invest in the organization’s mission and future.

The agency will begin using the new name, Tillery Compassionate Care, effective Monday. The new website can be found at TilleryCompassionateCare.org.

For questions or to seek care, referral partners, patients and their families and community members will continue to call 704-983-4216.