LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We need to support making America great again

I just finished reading your Letters to the Editor and noted that one of your readers expressed concerns about males (boys) competing with females (girls) in girl related sports events. Some examples she would support include boys swimming against girls in competition as well as boys running races against girls as well as competing against them in basketball. I trust that most everybody knows that men have an edge over women when it comes to physical competitive sports.

You might think that a mother or a father would take their child and stand them in front of a full length mirror and explain to them the difference between male and females. If they don’t understand, then send them to a psychologist, or some other mental specialist for help.

I believe what it says in my Bible, God creates both male and female, it says nothing about transgender and all of this other junk people want to be. They just want to disrupt and make money from lawsuits and the likes. This group makes up less than .02 percent of our population.

I also wonder if our writer has ever read the second amendment to the Constitution, and, if so, what does she not agree with?

I also noticed that our letter writer is also a CRT fan. My question is why? Hopefully by now most of us know that the whole theory was based on bad and wrong information… I can tell everyone as a former classroom teacher, that slavery and all of its wrongs was and hopefully still is being taught. What is not being taught is the fact that Vice President Kamala Harris’ grandfather was the largest slave owner in Jamaica owning Black, Jamaican and white slaves. The classroom teachers are not teaching that President Joe Biden eulogized West Virginia’s Sen. Robert Byrd, who before becoming a senator was the head of the KKK. They don’t teach that Africa has the most slaves anywhere in the world.

Why not you ask? Because someone would demand that the teacher be fired and removed from teaching altogether.

If our writer wants to be a force for good, she should get involved with MAGA and try with all of her mental. physical and monetary abilities to help Make America Great Again.

President Donald Trump was pretty rough around the edges, he did what he told you he was going to do, and then delivered and then you complained.

It makes no sense except to say you are a typical Democrat with typical Democrat ideas. Under Donald Trump we would not today be the laughing stock of the world. We would not have the highest gas prices in all of our history, we would not have Russia in the Ukraine, and we wouldn’t be looking at runaway inflation.

So complain all you want, but don’t say you weren’t told, the Republicans will rule the mid-term election.

I’ve voted, hope you have also.

Don Abernathy