Stanly commissioners name new appointees to SCC’s Board of Trustees

The Stanly County Board of Commissioners filled three appointments to the Stanly Community College Board of Trustees at Monday’s meeting.

Two seats held by Dr. Chris Bramlett, an Albemarle councilman, and Kelly Lowder, were set to expire June 30. These four-year terms were set to expire, while a third unexpired term needed to be filled with Georgia Harvey having relocated for her new job in Asheville. Harvey’s unexpired term would end in 2022.

Commissioner Zack Almond asked to be recused from the vote on advice of counsel with Chairman Matthew Swain stating Almond “did business with several of the nominees.” The motion carried 6-0.

County Manager Andy Lucas, with advice from county attorney Jenny Furr, said board rules for the procedure were to vote on the two four-year terms first in one process with four votes needed for appointment to the college’s Board of Trustees.

Kathy Burr and Lowder were nominated by Vice Chairman Ashley Morgan, while Commissioner Tommy Jordan added Bramlett.

Lowder received six votes while Burr received four and Bramlett two. Both nominations will be sent to the community college’s board.

For Harvey’s unexpired term, Dr. Gerald Poplin was nominated by Commissioner Bill Lawhon, while Morgan nominated Melvin Poole, who is finishing his term as chairman of the Stanly County Board of Education in December. Swain nominated Charles Parker as well.

In the first vote, Poplin received three votes, Poole two and Parker one. During a short recess, the Board of Commissioners consulted with Furr to see how to proceed.

After the recess, Swain said the only option as per their attorney was to move forward and to renominate and revote. Lawhon again nominated Poplin and Morgan did the same for Poole.

The second vote saw Poplin get two votes and four voted for Poole, putting the school board chairman in line for the new position.