Stanly County Sheriff’s Reports – Jan. 19-24, 2024

Stanly County Sheriff’s Office reports the following:

• Haile Selassie Ingram (B /M/49) Arrest on chrg of 1) Pwimsd Marijuana (F), 2) Maintain Veh/dwell/place Cs (f) (F), and 3) Possess Marij Paraphernalia (M), at 41275 Kings Rd, New London, on 1/19/2024.

• James Legrand Brown (W /M/63) Arrest on chrg of 1) Possession Of Controlled Sub Prison/jail (F), 2) Possess Methamphetamine (F), 3) Possess Drug Paraphernalia (M), and 4) Fta – Release Order (M), at Locust, on 1/19/2024.

• Jackie Lee Thomas (W /M/22) Arrest on chrg of 1) Felony Possession Sch Ii Cs (F), 2) Possess Drug Paraphernalia (M), and 3) Fugitive From Justice (F), at 222 N Main St, Norwood, on 1/21/2024.

• Tou Ger Thao (A /M/45) Arrest on chrg of 1) Simple Assault (M) and 2) Assault – Free Text (M), at 32630 Austin Rd, New London, on 1/21/2024.

• Brandon James Whitaker (W /M/41) Arrest on chrg of 1) Second Degree Forcible Rape (F), 2) Crime Against Nature (F), 3) Assault Serious Bodily Injury (F), and 4) Felonious Restraint (F), at 722 S Oak Ridge Rd, Oakboro, on 1/21/2024.

• Stephen Craig Raborn (W /M/35) Arrest on chrg of 1) Breaking Or Entering (m) (M), 2) Dv Protection Order Violation (M), 3) Surrender By Surety (M), 4) Surrender By Surety (F), and 5) Surrender By Surety (M), at St Martin Road, Albemarle, on 1/21/2024.

• Larry Walter Cole (B /M/51) Arrest on chrg of Pwisd Cocaine (F), at Courthouse, Albemarle, on 1/22/2024.

• Tanya Lynn Anaya (W /F/45) Arrest on chrg of 1) Possess Methamphetamine (F) and 2) Possess Drug Paraphernalia (M), at Court House, Albemarle, on 1/22/2024.

• Demarkius Verell Young (B /M/42) Arrest on chrg of 1) Robbery With Dangerous Weapon (F) and 2) First Degree Burglary (F), at 126 South 3rd St, Albemarle, on 1/22/2024.

• Brandon James Whitaker (W /M/41) Arrest on chrg of 1) First Degree Kidnapping (F) and 2) First Degree Force Sex Offense (F), at 126 S Third St, Albemarle, on 1/24/2024.

• Kurt Wendell Mckibben (W /M/68) Arrest on chrg of Fail Register Sex Offender(f) (F), at 223 S Second St, Albemarle, on 1/24/2024.