LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Why not a traffic light?

Well, the circus that has been going on in our nation’s capital since early 2021 has trickled down to the sleepy community of Millingport.

I’ve been traveling through the intersection at Millingport headed to work, twice a day, four or five days a week for 33 years.

On my way there, I slow down and turn right, on my way home I turn left toward Albemarle when I have the right of way. Rarely do I have to wait more than a couple of minutes, and there are usually no more than two or three cars waiting for their turn to proceed through the intersection.

Well now there are four or five cars waiting for their turn in every direction. I witnessed some confused drivers that believed that they had the right of way, but other drivers believed they had the right of way. One driver took matters into his own hands and went through while the confusion only grew.

All of this in front three deputies in sheriff cars, monitoring the intersection when they could be working throughout the county.

What is wrong with a traffic light? Not something the local government would be ashamed of. They probably wouldn’t have to talk about a lot of accidents at their meeting a year from now. The topic at next year’s meeting may have some competition if the community of Plyler gets the traffic flow circus ride that is rumored there. Again, do the words “traffic lights” mean anything besides a cheaper remedy?

Gary Talbert