Filing for Stanly County partisan offices begins Monday

Filing for partisan offices within Stanly County will begin at noon Monday and last until noon Dec. 20.

Candidates for the office should file with the Stanly County Board of Elections and be affiliated with a party (Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green and Constitution) for 90 days prior to filing.

Unaffiliated candidates seeking partisan office must file a petition with the same office by noon March 3, 2020. 

The following is a list of offices and elected officials with terms expiring in 2020:

• N.C. Senate District 33 (two year term) — Republican Carl Ford.

• N.C. House District 66 (two year term) — Democrat Scott Brewer

• N.C. House District 67 (two year term) — Republican Wayne Sasser

• Register of Deeds (four year term) — Republican Suzanne Lowder

• Board of Commissioners (four year term)— Chairman Republican Matthew Swain, At-Large.

• Board of Commissioners (four year term) — Vice Chairman Republican Ashley Morgan, District 5.

• Board of Education (four year term) — Chairman Republican Melvin Poole, At-Large.

• Board of Education (four year term)— Republican Patty Crump, District 2.

• Board of Education (four year term) — Republican Glenda T. Gibson, District 3.

• Board of Education (four year term) — Republican Vicky Watson, District 4.

• Board of Education (four year term) — Republican David “Ryan” McIntyre, District 5.

Filing fees for both the N.C. House and N.C. Senate are $139.51, Register of Deeds is $542.54, county commissioner is $154.32 and Board of Education is $27. Fees more than $50 must be paid by check, payable to the Stanly County Board of Education.

Filing for nonpartisan municipal offices will start at noon July 6, 2020 and last until noon July 17, 2020.