Crigler selected to lead development efforts for Nazareth Child & Family Connection

Hugh Crigler, who has partnered with nonprofits for decades, has been named director of development for Nazareth Child & Family Connection.

“We are so fortunate we were able to land someone like Hugo for this position,” said Vernon Walters Jr., CEO of Nazareth. “Hugo has worked with nonprofits throughout the region in his previous job. He understands the needs of a nonprofit, the needs of Nazareth. “Because he’s a life-long resident of our area, it seems like everyone knows him. His connections to the community are going to be invaluable to Nazareth. We are excited to have him aboard.”

“I think I can bring maybe a bit of a fresh look at donors, maybe use my connections of living in Davidson County my whole life and broaden the donor base,” said Crigler, who, through his previous employer, has experience in fundraising efforts with nonprofits, including all digital channels. “Hopefully I can help bring more attention to Nazareth and make them more visible in the three counties.”

In his role as director of development, Crigler will create and oversee the implementation of a strategic approach to fundraising and community awareness which may include major gifts, capital campaigns, corporate donations, grant solicitation and in-kind resources. The director’s duties also include the development of an awareness campaign for Nazareth through personal contacts, community events and social media/technology to increase the overall visibility of Nazareth in the local community and surrounding communities.

Crigler, who holds a Bachelor of Art in business administration from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, has been involved in sales for most of his career. For the last decade or so, he sold almost exclusively to nonprofits. That’s where his first direct contact with Nazareth occurred.

“About two years ago I came to Nazareth and did a presentation to the board. That was when I got the first sense of the people here, how great the employees were, how great the board was,” said Crigler. “I had worked with Nazareth for years, but when I made that presentation, I found out even more.”

When Crigler discovered there was an opening at Nazareth for a director of development, he immediately contacted Walters.

“I had always told my wife, when I retired, I wanted to go into a nonprofit and make a difference in the community,” said Crigler. “It just happened a little sooner that I thought. A door opened and it turned out to be a great opportunity.”

High on Crigler’s list of priorities in his new role is to better inform the community of the range of services offered by Nazareth.

“I don’t believe everyone knows the wide array of services we offer, not only to children, but to families,” said Crigler. “Not only do we help children in need, but children that are having difficulties, children and families who have substance abuse problems. I don’t think people realize all the ways Nazareth helps the community.”

The children’s home, which opened in 1906, remains at the heart of Nazareth’s work.

“The children’s home is at the crux of what we do,” said Crigler. “Helping these children and these families and helping them be reunited is huge. The children may get off to a rocky start, but with our influence and help, they become valuable members of the community.”

Nazareth offers an array of services, including family foster care, adoptions, transitional living services for young adults, day treatment for elementary and middle school children, level two therapeutic residential, individual and group outpatient therapy, psychiatric services and outpatient substance abuse therapy in Rowan, Davidson and Stanly counties. If you would like more info about giving or volunteering at Nazareth, contact Hugo Crigler, director of development, at 704.279.5556 ext. 113 or