Badin Town Council approves new ordinances at town meeting

The Badin Town Council approved several ordinance changes at the August meeting along with letters to be given to citizens about new minimum standards for businesses and the town’s recent land acquisitions.

The council unanimously approved the new 160D compliance required by the state for its own zoning ordinances.

The Chapter 160D requirements standardize city and county regulations across the state regarding the terminology of items and the maintenance and presentation of town ordinances for public access.

Badin’s council also unanimously approved a reminder letter for the minimum standards for non-residential properties, like businesses.

The council is expected to consider those standards, similar to the minimum standards for a person’s home, at the September meeting.

Badin also approved issuing a letter and packet to homeowners bordering on new properties, which the town recently gained.

The packets contain information on the town’s trespassing statutes.

Town Manager Jay Almond said Badin got the land through purchases and settlements. Some properties have equipment or other items stored on them by citizens living next to the properties. Those items must now be moved, Almond said, within 30 days of receipt of the letter and packets.

Almond said in the meeting the information would be given to citizens directly from the town’s police officers.