Albemarle students interview principal

The following article was first published by Albemarle High juniors Grace Flody and Mason Hall in the Bulldog Bulletin during September:

Albemarle students Grace Flody and Mason Hall. (Contributed)

The new principal at Albemarle High School was interviewed about the future of our school, regarding issues like lunches, the music program, and more.

Before that, Mrs. (Beverly) Pennington was asked about the rumors floating around that AHS would be closed if she didn’t stay a full term. Mrs. Pennington confirmed, “The rumors aren’t true, so don’t worry bulldogs!”

In the interview with Mrs. Pennington, the dreaded school lunch was discussed. Most students don’t enjoy eating lunches and some don’t have the privilege to bring their own. When asked if Mrs. Pennington could do anything about this issue, Mrs. Pennington informs us “The school doesn’t have control over food services, but rather the Child Nutrition Program, which follows strict federal regulations.” However, while the school has no direct power over the lunch, the students and staff still have voices.

Mrs. Pennington states, “I would like to form a student group to serve on a Principal Advisory Council. This group could help let me know what students like about our school and what changes they would like to see made.”

All principals have plans for their schools, Everyone wanted to know what Mrs. Pennington saw in the future of Albemarle High School.

“It is my hope that all students receive the education they need to embark on their post-secondary goals. I want students to be prepared for the next stage of life.” – Mrs. Pennington.

Diving into more detail, Mrs. Pennington states: “I want course selections to expand to include courses that prepare our students for their future. I want to rebuild the arts selections (band, chorus, theater).” Despite this desire, she states no one has applied for the positions at this time.

While there are quite a few issues with Albemarle High School, it appears things are looking up. Mrs. Pennington is a kind woman who cares about her students and supports the growth of AHS. Hopefully, we’ll see improvements in our day-to-day educational life soon, in the meantime have a great day bulldogs.