LETTER TO THE EDITOR: My frustration pales in comparison

Having heard, seen and read that many of my white peers join in the outrage of George Floyd’s death, but do not understand the violence that has broken in some of the demonstrations, I offer one exercise to try.

Think about the time when you were absolutely the most frustrated in your life. It may have been building for a long time, or it may have been in an instant. Something at work, family issues, road rage, a time when you temporarily lost control.

Did you lash out, physically or verbally, doing or saying things you later regretted? Did you retreat into yourself becoming quite depressed, wanting to give up?

In my study of psychology (Bachelor of Science, Psychology), these reactions are two common types when dealing with frustration.

Now for many of our black brothers and sisters, multiple that frustration times 10 (or more) and think about that happening every year, or every month, or every week, or every day.

Our most frustrating moment — every day.

While I do not condone the looting or police violence, my own frustration pales while simultaneously living in my privileged white status.

Skeet Ayscue