Commissioners chairman recovering from COVID-19

After an outpouring of support online regarding his diagnosis of being stricken with COVID-19, the Stanly County Board of Commissioners chairman received good news Wednesday.

Matthew Swain confirmed via Facebook instant message he had been cleared by his doctors and had recovered from the coronavirus.

On his Facebook page Tuesday, Swain reported he was in the process of recovering and thanked people for reaching out to he and his wife, Courtney.

“We appreciate all the offers of support and the many prayers received,” Swain said in his post.

Swain said he and his wife were both feeling better, working from home and enjoying spending time with their children.

“There are many others that had this virus and some had a much worse experience, and for those we should all continue to pray and offer support,” Swain stated in the post.

Swain also said his family got out and planted 300 zinnia plants at their farm.

“Soon enough they will be blooming and we will see their beauty and hopefully this virus will be a thing of the past,” the post said.