South students use assignment to help Stanly County Humane Society

Large floppy ears have been helped thanks in part to earrings.

Two South Stanly Middle School students recently raised funds to help the Stanly County Humane Society.

Jillian Bailey and Lily Coakley brought donations and supplies to the organization after two months of making and selling earrings as part of their seventh grade community project. They raised more than $200 through sales and donations.

They began working on the project in December.

They were able to purchase paper towels, toilet tissue, puppy chow and kitten/cat food, puppy pads, flea and tick treatments and cedar shavings.

“Social studies is more than the study of history, and includes the present time as well,” Nikki Laster, their teacher, said. “During the holiday season, students were asked to create a proposal about how they could help their community.”

Laster said that due to COVID-19, students were not required to implement their proposals. However, around 10 did.

“The proposals submitted were creative and spanned helping the less fortunate to assisting wild birds in the area,” Laster said. “It is imperative in our current social climate that students learn early on the impact they can have positively on their communities, even in the smallest ways. As they become mature citizens of our world, we want that good to stick with them.”