Valley Proteins takes over Oakboro-based Enterprise Rendering

After 57 years of being in business, Enterprise Rendering Company in Oakboro closed its doors last month. Valley Proteins, Inc., which has a location in Anson County, bought out Enterprise.

Enterprise Rendering, which was run by Carroll “Bud” Braun and his brother, Eugene “Gene” Braun, and had been around since 1963, processed used cooking oil from restaurants, according to a letter from the company.

“We have operated as a competitor to Enterprise Rendering for the last 30 years,” Valley Proteins President J.J. Smith said.

Smith said Enterprise Rendering called Valley Proteins about its intent to sell the company and Valley made an offer that was attractive enough that Enterprise accepted. Smith would not disclose specifics about the transaction.

Enterprise Rendering operated the Oakboro facility through Nov. 8 and Valley Proteins took over Nov. 11, Smith said.

Valley Proteins acquired the trucks, equipment and hired the majority of the employees, though the facility is still owned by Enterprise Rendering.

Valley Proteins is the largest privately owned recycler of animal byproducts and waste cooking oils in North America. Headquartered in Winchester, Va., the company, which employs 2,000 people, has operations in 12 states and provides services to 24 states.