New London Commissioners increase water and sewer rates

The town of New London increased its water and sewer rates at the May meeting to keep pace with increased water rates from Albemarle.

Mayor Tate Daniels, in the first public review of the 2021-22 town budget, said the 4 percent increase was necessary to match the same increase from Albemarle, who provides water to the town.

The base rate will increase from $45 to $46.80, but Daniels added New London’s rate is “still lower if you take towns our size across the state.” He said some other town water rates in Stanly are higher than what New London would be with the increase.

Daniels said he didn’t like it, but the rates are going up.

In the budget presentation, Daniels also said the town has budgeted $14,000 more money to pay the Pfeiffer/North Stanly utility water and pump stations.