WSCM  food drive to benefit 25 families

On a cool last-Saturday-before-Thanksgiving, Nick Hathcock manned a post at the Stanfield Log Barn, simultaneously labeling five-gallon buckets with “Happy Thanksgiving” placards and accepting drop-off donations to the annual food drive sponsored by West Stanly Christian Ministries.

“We’ve been doing this for at least the last six years,” Hathcock said in recounting the history of the event. “It was originally known as the Stanfield Food Drive,” he added, the event having originated with the staff of the Stanfield Public Works Department.

“Bridgette Helms (town administrator) and Wanda Yow (town clerk) were instrumental in helping us get started, and still are great at getting the word out to the public each fall. Kay Barbee was involved in the early years as well, and Thomas Kneeburg is a great help as well.”

Hathcock also credited the faculty, staff and students at Stanfield Elementary in gathering donations for the drive.

“I picked up about three truckloads (of food items) from the school,” he said. “They always provide great support.”

While food donations are most common, other items are welcome as well, said Hathcock.

“Many people donate canned goods and other non-perishables, but monetary donations are welcome as well, he said. “Terri and Wendell Copeland have also provided gift cards and bags of bath essentials for each family being supported.”

The 25 families the food drive will benefit are identified by West Stanly Christian Ministries. Each of the families will receive their donated Thanksgiving goods in one of the buckets labeled by Hathcock during the drive.

“Once we have all the supplies, we will divide them up and they will be distributed to the families,” he said.

Want To Help?

Contact West Stanly Christian Ministries at 704-888-6406 or Nick Hathcock at 704-201-7512

Toby Thorpe is a freelance writer for The Stanly News & Press.