STATE: Wildlife Resources Commission announces Youth Deer Hunting Day

The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission has designated Sept. 25 as Youth Deer Hunting Day for 2021.

Youth Deer Hunting Day was established in 2015 by the Wildlife Commission to increase interest in deer hunting among youth, potentially increase their success at hunting and highlight the need to engage youth in hunting.

On this day, youth 17 and under may use any legal hunting implement to hunt deer; anyone 18 and older may only use the hunting implement legal for the type of season open in their county. Hunters 17 and younger may also hunt deer of either sex and are not required to be accompanied by an adult if they have completed a hunter education course. All deer hunters must wear blaze orange on Sept. 25, even if using archery equipment, and the use of dogs is allowed in areas where hunting deer with dogs is lawful.

During the remainder of the hunting season, youth 17 and younger are required to use the legal hunting implement for the open season in the area where they are hunting.

Hunters 16 and older need to purchase a license with a Big Game Harvest report card by:

License-exempt youth must obtain their own Big Game Harvest Report Card at no cost from a wildlife service agent or by calling the number above.  License-exempt cards are not available online.

For more information on hunting in North Carolina, visit the Commission’s website,