Town provides details on interim administrator’s contract

Published 7:56 am Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Former Albemarle City Manager Ray Allen has signed on to be Norwood’s interim town administrator.

Allen, who retired Jan. 1, 2015, after nearly 30 years as city manager, signed a contract Feb. 8 with Norwood, becoming town administrator effective Feb. 11.

“I was approached by the town to see if I would be interested in serving as their interim town administrator,” Allen said. “I had a similar role in Wadesboro last year from January until June in which I served as their interim manager. During that tenure I developed their 2018-2019 budget and assisted the mayor and Town Council in advertising and screening candidates for the town manager position.”

Allen is working with outgoing town administrator John Mullis throughout February to get acclimated with the town’s business.

The Town Council did not renew Mullis’ contract.

Allen will be paid $45 per hour for up to 1,000 hours a year, but receive no benefits such as paid vacation or sick leave. He is expected to work a maximum of four days a week, including Mondays and regular and special Town Council meetings.

“I am looking forward to serving the town of Norwood and its citizens,” Allen said.

“The mayor, town council, current town administrator and employees have been very welcoming and gracious and I look forward to helping them during this period of transition,” Allen added. “I really enjoy working in municipal government and serving as interim administrator provides an opportunity for me to do what I enjoy while hopefully providing a benefit to the town.”

Allen anticipates working through the budget process, with the town looking to have an administrator hired by July.